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Announcing Manic Mole!

Manic Mole

I’m excited to announce we’re working on a new game: Manic Mole! Manic Mole is an action game about running, jumping, digging, collecting coins, and avoiding traps and enemies. We’re developing the game for the Ouya, the Android-based game console that caused quite a stir on Kickstarter last year, with the aim of releasing the game in time for the console’s retail launch in June.

We can also announce now that the music for Manic Mole is being created by the amazingly talented chiptune artist Fearofdark! Check out his recent album, Motorway, for some great music and a sense of what Manic Mole will sound like.

We’ll be releasing more details about Manic Mole on the official website soon.

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