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Early versions of Pulse

Pulse went through various changes during development. Here’s a look at some of the early versions of the game and the changes made at each stage.

Initial Concept

In the first version of Pulse the grid looked like a wooden board game and the projectiles like tiny sunbursts. You can see a reflector on the right side but it didn’t do anything yet. At this point I was more concerned with getting the projectiles firing in time to the beat.


The game board was given a more abstract look. The reflectors could be dragged and dropped on the board and the projectiles reflected as they should. The “toolkit” was placed on the right side along with a start button where the pause button should be.

Another Redesign

The sidebar was moved to the left side and a background effect was added. Here you can see the early title of the game: Supersonic. It didn’t become Pulse until the very end.

Near Final

The game board was redone again for a cleaner look, the sunbursts were replaced with simpler orbs, and the sidebar was cleaned up a bit as well.

Final Version

And here’s the final version.

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More Pulse coming in August eventually!

Expect new levels, new mechanics, and new music!

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Create music as you solve puzzles in a series of unique soundscapes. Pulse is a fusion of puzzle and rhythm gameplay inspired by games like Rez and Lumines.

The game was created for Kongregate’s Project Eden contest, in which it won 2nd place.

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