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Cosmic Run

My 7DFPS game is called Cosmic Run. The challenge ended last Friday but I’m still working on the game. The version I submitted for 7DFPS was rough: no music, no proper title screen, no control options, control problems, performance problems… The latest version, which I’ve posted on Kongregate, fixes all these things, and I’m continuing to add to it.


The world behind you is being torn apart by a black hole. You must run forward to stay alive but evil red cubes are blocking the way! Shoot as many cubes as you can before you reach the end of the world.


Run forward and jump from platform to platform while shooting the red cubes. Your gun has a heat meter on the right. If the gun overheats you won’t be able to shoot for several seconds. Your life bar is on the left. Three hits from a red cube and you’re dead! Falling into the black hole will also kill you, of course.

Cosmic Run is primarily a score attack game. The longer you survive and the more cubes you shoot down the higher your score. Race for high scores and low scores. The high score is what you would expect. The low score is the lowest score you can get while still finishing the game (i.e. touching the goal at the end).



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Making something for 7DFPS

I’m trying to make something for 7DFPS, the 7 day FPS challenge. I’ve never made an FPS before, or a 3D game for that matter, so I came up with a concept for a game I can build almost entirely out of cubes to keep things easy. I start the player on a platform in space. There are other platforms in front of the player. As you start playing the platform underneath you starts crumbling. To stay alive you have to run forward, jumping from platform to platform, shooting enemies in your path.

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